Programming gives me a feeling that the fault can only occur with limited measurable parameters of system. Not like in reality.

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WOW new blog 2017!

has been nearly three years since last entry on the old blog.. In this time I was “hard coded” and haven’t noticed how much time passed by. I will be coming back here to write something that I think is interesting and important. Programming, hardware and point out a nonsense. Let assume that from that time, I suddenly appear in 2017, what would be most surprising in short:

  • I see almost everywhere Windows 10 that after testing seems only theme for Win7/8.
    does not bring any revolution – no safest and stability changed
  • I do not see anyone who is uses an old phone (only smartfones)
  • makes good maneuvers and starts working on API 2.0 (I feel fear)
  • community … has changed;)
  • Opera has become a Chrome browser and stop be a pioneer.. (ok build in VPS is cool)
  • Facebook has become one huge billboard advertising panel
  • RSS.. is dead.. ?
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