Programming gives me a feeling that the fault can only occur with limited measurable parameters of system. Not like in reality.

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What if spam would not exist..

hard to imagine now but a long time ago an email notification of a new mail was excitement and anticipation. Now it is only obligation to check an e-mail because each time we have to be suspicious if the email contains the actual, valuable content to us or is it just “junk mail” (advertising or worse viral). If there was no spam:

  • I would setup a sound notification system
  • I would setup a new mail notification on your smartphone
  • If I comment something in the web I can sign at the end of a full e-mail
  • I had set for all domains “catch-all” to be sure that in case someone made a typo
  • I would be registered in a lot more websites

WOW new blog 2017!

has been nearly three years since last entry on the old blog.. In this time I was “hard coded” and haven’t noticed how much time passed by. I will be coming back here to write something that I think is interesting and important. Programming, hardware and point out a nonsense. Let assume that from that time, I suddenly appear in 2017, what would be most surprising in short:

  • I see almost everywhere Windows 10 that after testing seems only theme for Win7/8.
    does not bring any revolution – no safest and stability changed
  • I do not see anyone who is uses an old phone (only smartfones)
  • makes good maneuvers and starts working on API 2.0 (I feel fear)
  • community … has changed;)
  • Opera has become a Chrome browser and stop be a pioneer.. (ok build in VPS is cool)
  • Facebook has become one huge billboard advertising panel
  • RSS.. is dead.. ?
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