Programming gives me a feeling that the fault can only occur with limited measurable parameters of system. Not like in reality.

throwing me an error after adding Hook (hooks) to Kohana. But not everywhere – only when calling the controller from module (modules directory).
Hook made manipulation in final view, and probably in some way in the module could not get to the method in the Hook class.

Below logs:

If you have a problem with apache hang out on Kohana 2.3.4 turn off your hooks and test if it help.

Event::add('system.display ', array('Class', 'method'));
Error Logs apache: Child process is running Acquired the start mutex. Starting 150 worker threads.
Windows event log: App: httpd.exe, wersja: Module: php5ts.dll, wersja: Id: 0x12ec Src app: apache\bin\httpd.exe Src mod: \php\php5ts.dll

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